Yellow Thunder Harvard Formation Team

For those World War II buffs, these two planes are sure to be a crowd pleaser! The Harvard began life as a North American Aviation designed aircraft around 1934, commonly identified in the USA as the AT-6 Texan (Advanced Trainer). The term Harvard was coined by the RAF in England, and is generally referred to […]

Kent Pietsch and the Jelly Belly Airplane

Equal parts aviator, educator, and comedian of the skies Air Show spectators around the world have been treated to the unique variety of acts performed by veteran pilot and consummate entertainer Kent Pietsch and his Jelly Belly airplanes. His shows, which include specialty acts designed to thrill audiences of all ages, showcase aerobatic stunts featuring […]

Third Strike Wing Walker, Carol Pilon

Throttle it up, Baby! Carol is the only Canadian Wing Walker and will defy gravity as she amazes the crowd with her wing walking skills! “Beyond ambition, beyond desire, beyond determination, beyond physical limitations, beyond the quest for perfection lies only the confidence and the knowledge that you can achieve more, give more and be […]

Sky Dancer, Anna Serbinenko

Anna’s passion for flying lifts her away from her daily routine into the sky with a three-dimensional freedom Anna is a class 1 aerobatic instructor. She flies airshows from the Pacific to the Atlantic, runs a charter operation and a flight school, teaches commercial and aerobatic pilots and instructors. Anna was born in Ukraine and […]

Dan Buchanan’s Pyro Lit Hang Glider

This incredible night show has the entire fabric wing glowing and flashing, combined with the brilliant “special effects”, creating a dazzling display that even Disneyland would be proud of! Dan sets his motorized hand glider ablaze with amazing pyrotechnics, lights and music! The quiet glider, the stirring music, low airspeed and close performing area makes […]

Erickson Collection Classic Showcase

Join us as the Erickson Collection showcases the Classic P-51 Mustang and the World War II F4U Corsair. North American P-51 Mustang The classic P-51 Mustang is one of the greatest success stories of military aviation. Originally designed for Great Britain, the North American fighter was adopted by the U.S. Army Air Force and upgraded […]

Pyro Jet Truck

PYRO Brings The Heat! PYRO is capable of reaching speeds of over 300 mph, and burns 60 gallons of fuel per run! Fire breathing, flame throwing action with a locomotive horn that’s so LOCO LOUD it will blow your mind. It’s the hottest ticket in town. Spectators love PYRO because there’s nothing else like it! […]