CF-18 Fighter Demo

Please help us in welcoming the 2017 CF-18 Demonstration Team pilot, Captain Matthew Kutryk

Captain Kutryk will wow audiences around North America during the 2017 air show season, flying his specially painted CF-18 Hornet commemorating Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation.

“Being selected as the pilot for the CF-18 Demonstration Team is an incredible honour, especially on such a significant year for Canada. I am excited to travel all across Canada and the United States to show the skill and professionalism of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team of highly dedicated professionals that support the team and make our performances possible.” – Captain Matthew Kutryk, CF-18 Demonstration Pilot

A versatile, world-class fighter aircraft, the supersonic CF-188 Hornet, or CF-18 as it is popularly known, can engage both ground and aerial targets. Its twin engines generate enough thrust to lift 24 full-size pick-up trucks off the ground.

As the Royal Canadian Air Force’s frontline multi-role fighter, the modernized CF-18 is used for air defence, air superiority, tactical support, training, aerobatic demonstration, and aerospace testing and evaluation.

The CF-18 has recently been put through a two-phase modernization program, a comprehensive mid-life upgrade to ensure that the Canadian Forces have a modern and interoperable fighter fleet.

Phase I of the Incremental Modernization Project was completed in 2006. This first phase of the CF-18 modernization project included among others, the procurement and installation of a new radar, jam-resistant radios, mission computers and embedded global positioning systems.

Phase II of the Incremental Modernization Project, which was finished in 2010, included the installation and integration of a tactical data link system, helmet cueing system, colour displays, upgraded countermeasures dispensers, and a triple-deck cockpit video recorder, among outfitting the CF-18s with other technologically advanced equipment.

In addition to the two modernization phases for CF-18 aircraft, other CF-18 projects are either completed or ongoing to align the CF-18 aircraft with a fully integrated air capability thus increasing Air Force interoperability with our allies as well as our ability to respond to threats to North America.

Because of its superior power and speed, and its exceptional tracking capabilities, the CF-18 has had great success in many military operations in Canada and around the world.

Photo credit: Corporal Manuela Berger.

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