Dan Buchanan’s Pyro Lit Hang Glider

This incredible night show has the entire fabric wing glowing and flashing, combined with the brilliant “special effects”, creating a dazzling display that even Disneyland would be proud of!

Dan sets his motorized hand glider ablaze with amazing pyrotechnics, lights and music! The quiet glider, the stirring music, low airspeed and close performing area makes this a vey unique and unforgettable experience.

Performing principally across North America, Dan Buchanan international venues have included Australia (8 times), Japan, Thailand, El Salvador, The United Arab Emirates, Canada, and Mexico.

​Dan is also a Federally (BATF) and State licensed pyrotechnician trained by Hollywood effects pros.  He installs, wires and sequences all of the special effects on the fabric wing himself. Can you blame him?

​He is also a Commercial Glider pilot, enjoying sailplane aerobatics and giving glider rides to friends at Minden, Nevada when not on the Airshow tour.  Dan owes Sailplaning to “Sky Sailing” in Warner Springs, CA, whose school has one of the few “hand control” equipped sailplanes in the US.

Find out more about Dan Buchanan’s Pyro Lit Hang Glider Show at: https://www.danbuchananairshows.com